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Summary of the functions of commonly used automotive sensors

with the development of sensors in the direction of electronization and digitization, automotive sensors have been expanded from being simply used in engines in the past to being used in chassis, body and lighting electrical systems. The output value of automotive sensors will be more relevant applications (applications of automotive sensors). To this end, manufacturers are developing and producing better sensors. So, what is the role of automotive sensors? By collecting and sorting out data, the functions of commonly used automotive sensors are simply summarized

I. intake pressure sensor

intake pressure sensor, which is used to indirectly measure air; When the accelerator is released, the vacuum is high, and when the accelerator is depressed, the vacuum is low; When the vacuum is low, inject more oil, and the medium and small loads are proportional! It's also easy to find it. Find the fragrance trace behind the throttle

second, crankshaft position sensor

crankshaft position sensor, its role is irreplaceable; Once the signal is lost, how to start the car; At this time, the computer is silly, I don't know which cylinder top dead center

III. camshaft position sensor

camshaft position sensor, generally installed in the distributor; If it is not installed in the distributor, look around the camshaft! Its work is very simple, measuring the top dead center of a cylinder; Even if the report computer is finished, the sequential ignition sequence is sprayed, and the computer can't play without it...

IV. throttle position sensor

throttle position sensor, and the load signal is provided by it; The five working conditions should be kept in mind that the four have something to do with it! When the flap is closed, it is idling, and the signal voltage is zero; Turn over before the cement is dried, the plate is opened with a large load, and the signal voltage is 4.8; Not only control the engine, but also control the automatic converter

v. heated oxygen sensor

heated oxygen sensor, measuring oxygen in the exhaust pipe; It is used to control the air-fuel ratio. Zirconia is an electrolyte and generates electromotive force by itself; When the oxygen supply is thin, the signal voltage is 0.1; When there is little oxygen, the gas is thick, and the signal voltage is 0.9; According to this, the oil transfer volume of the raw material trading and distribution platform of the computer changes 8 times every 10 seconds. If it doesn't change, change it quickly

VI. piezoelectric knock sensor

piezoelectric knock sensor, generally installed in the cylinder block; Once the vibration frequency (6-9khz) is measured, the ignition angle moves backward, the detonation disappears, and the ignition starts to move forward; Control the best ignition point, always at the edge of the detonation zone

one of the characteristics of the development of modern automotive technology is that the consumption in China is only 32kt. More and more components are electronically controlled. The second work of electronic automatic control depends on the information feedback of sensors. According to statistics, at present, there are about dozens of sensors on general cars and more than 100 sensors on high-end cars

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