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2019 "coating industry" issue 4 abstract (III)

2019 "coating industry" issue 4 abstract (III)

April 24, 2019

Application Research

9 Research on the thickness design of intumescent fire retardant coating for steel structures

Abstract: marine steel structures and petrochemical steel structure modular chemical plants belong to high fire risk areas. When a fire occurs, in order to win fire fighting and personnel escape time, fire retardant coatings in passive fire prevention methods are widely used. This paper analyzes the use reasons, basic characteristics and flame retardant mechanism of intumescent fire retardant coating, and focuses on the factors and methods involved in the thickness design of fire retardant coating, so as to provide reference for relevant staff engaged in the thickness design of fire retardant coating in offshore steel structure and petrochemical steel structure modular chemical plant

key words: passive fire prevention; Fire retardant coating; Pool fire; Jet fire; Coating thickness design

Author: Li Gang 1, Li Fen 2 (1. Design Institute of Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd., Qingdao, Shandong 266520; 2. Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd., Qingdao, Shandong 266520)

10 Preparation of coal series kaolin and its application in coatings

Abstract: coal series kaolin was prepared by wet ball milling, spray drying, cyclone separation and roasting with coal series kaolin ore as raw material and glycerol as intercalation agent, using ultrasonic assisted liquid phase intercalation process, and its micro morphology was characterized. Using the obtained coal series kaolin as raw material to prepare water-based epoxy interior wall porcelain like coating, and after thinking about similar products in the market, we will find that we will conduct a comparative study, using whiteness meter, reflectance meter, UV lamp irradiation, cold and heat cycle, and washing resistance meter to measure the properties of the coating. The results show that the morphology, particle size and whiteness of kaolin prepared by ultrasonic assisted liquid intercalation method are similar to that of titanium dioxide, which is superior to similar products sold in the market; The synergistic effect is achieved when doping with titanium dioxide at the mass ratio of 4:6. It is superior to the compound effect of kaolin and titanium dioxide sold in the market in whiteness, coverage, UV resistance, dry rubbing resistance and cold and hot cycle resistance, which can significantly reduce the coating cost

key words: coal series kaolin; Liquid phase intercalation; Water based coatings

Author: Du Yaqin 1, Zhang Jin 1, 2, Zhao Jianguo *1, 2, Lu Chao 3, pan Qiliang 2, Xing Baoyan 2, Song Jie 2, Fu Yongchun 2 (1. Shanxi Datong University, 7th domestic coke spot market stability, School of chemistry and environmental engineering, Shanxi Datong 037009; 2. Institute of carbon materials, Shanxi Datong University, Shanxi Datong 037009; 3. China Aerospace aerodynamic technology research institute, Beijing 100074)

11 Preparation of polyaniline graphene composite nano filler and its application in water-based anti-corrosion coatings

Abstract: Taking graphene as matrix, polyaniline was compounded on its surface by chemical oxidation method to prepare polyaniline graphene composite nano material. Its structure and morphology were studied by XRD, SEM and TEM. As a functional filler, it was added to the self drying waterborne epoxy resin to obtain a composite waterborne anticorrosive coating. The effects of the amount of composite nano materials and the mass ratio of polyaniline to graphene on the properties of the paint film were studied. The results show that the combination of the passivation effect of polyaniline on metal substrate and the barrier effect of lamellar graphene can more effectively improve the corrosion resistance of waterborne epoxy resin; By controlling the appropriate amount of additives and the composition of composite nano materials, a functional environmental protection anticorrosive coating with excellent performance can be prepared

key words: polyaniline; Graphene; Composite nano filler; Waterborne epoxy resin; Anticorrosive coating

Author: Wang Jun 1, Bian Xuehao 1, Li Jirong 1, Qiu Zhenyu 1, Xu Zexiao *2, Ji Fuhua 2, Wang Zhongwei 2, Li Weili 1 (1. School of material science and engineering, Jiangsu University of science and technology, Zhenjiang 212003; 2. Suzhou Jiren high tech materials Co., Ltd., Suzhou 215143, Jiangsu)

coating technology

12 Research on the matching of zinc magnesium coated new hot-dip galvanized steel plate and coating

Abstract: This paper introduces that the Knovel resin matrix composite database is an interactive compilation platform for the tensile, shear, bending, compression and impact properties of composites. The matching ESC of zinc magnesium coated steel plate and coating is the matching situation under the simultaneous action of stress, tension and environment, mainly from the material properties of zinc magnesium coated steel plate, the corrosion prevention and appearance properties of laboratory and coating matching, And the appearance state during the test. Finally, it is found that zinc magnesium coated steel plate has a significant effect in improving the corrosion resistance and appearance of the coating, which can effectively reduce the amount of zinc plating on the steel plate and reduce the demand for electrophoretic polishing. It is of positive significance to reduce the cost and improve the matching performance with the mid coat free coating process and film pretreatment technology

key words: zinc magnesium coating; Corrosion resistance; Appearance

Author: Gu Hong (SAIC Volkswagen Co., Ltd., Shanghai 201805)


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