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The pilot of the "special action to improve the standards of thousands of enterprises in a hundred cities" in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province has achieved remarkable results

in January 2018, the "special action to improve the standards of thousands of enterprises in a hundred cities" jointly organized by the development and Reform Commission, the National Standards Commission and other 10 ministries and commissions was officially launched. After carrying out benchmarking and reaching the standard, the quality of gate valve products of Zhejiang Bethel company has been steadily improved in the past two years, and its share in the domestic market has increased by 3 percentage points every year

in January, 2018, the "special action to improve the standards of hundreds of cities, thousands of industries and thousands of enterprises" jointly organized by the development and Reform Commission, the National Standards Commission and other 10 ministries and commissions was officially launched, and it was proposed to form a number of advantageous enterprises with leading standards and prominent standard brands through the action to meet the standards, form a number of world-class advantageous industrial clusters with distinctive characteristics and first-class quality and efficiency, and form a number of outstanding brand images Typical cities or towns with strong development momentum. Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, as one of the first pilot cities of special action in China, has made a high-level deployment, and quickly launched a comprehensive special action in the city. Compared with the requirements of international and domestic first-class standards, Wenzhou launched the action of reaching the standard and catching up with the first-class, and achieved fruitful results

after carrying out benchmarking and reaching the standard, the quality of gate valve products of Zhejiang Bethel Technology Co., Ltd. has been steadily improved in the past two years, and its share in the domestic market has increased by 3 percentage points every year, from 2% in 2017 to 8% in 2019. Although affected by the epidemic, it is expected to increase to 10% this year

in the field of Yongjia pump and valve industry in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, like Bethel, a total of 125 enterprises have taken the initiative to participate in the establishment of the pilot city of Wenzhou "special action for benchmarking and standard improvement of thousands of enterprises in one hundred cities" since 2018, prepared 13 benchmarking schemes and implemented 249 benchmarking products, so as to improve the sealing performance, safety and environmental protection performance of key valve products

in the special action of benchmarking and reaching the standard, Wenzhou public service institutions actively collected foreign advanced standards and the standard requirements of international high-end customers. The picture shows the technical experts of the national valve inspection center visiting the foreign customers of the valve enterprises

it is understood that as of October 16, the city has released 183 benchmarking technical schemes, 3822 products of 2419 enterprises have achieved accurate benchmarking, and 807 third-party certificates have been issued. The data indicators displayed on the platform rank first in cities across the country

what's more gratifying is that the promotion of the special action of benchmarking and reaching the standard has formed a good situation in Wenzhou's business community that "leading enterprises aim at international standards, and middle-end enterprises are in line with leading enterprises". Standardization drives the improvement of product quality, drives the prominent dividend of industrial upgrading, makes the market share of Wenzhou products at home and abroad reach a new high, and injects a strong impetus into Wenzhou's economic development. In 2019, despite the impact of the trade war and financial turmoil, Wenzhou benchmarking suggested that the maximum hot residence time should be less than 8 minutes, and the growth of leading industries was still significant, with 11 industries growing by more than 10%, and the growth of pillar industries such as electrical appliances, clothing and pump valves were 8.6%, 7.8% and 15.7% respectively. The outbreak of the epidemic this year has had a serious impact on the market, but these industries still maintained growth in the first three quarters

the person in charge of Wenzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau told China Quality Daily that Wenzhou's effective benchmarking and compliance action first benefited from the high attention of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government. It took benchmarking and compliance as an important pillar to undertake the comprehensive reform of standardization in Zhejiang Province, wrote it into the work report of the municipal government, listed it as the key task of the municipal Party committee's comprehensive deepening reform project, and took the lead in issuing the implementation plan of the special action to improve benchmarking and compliance throughout the country, It has also been incorporated into new policies such as "21 new drivers of development in Wenzhou" and "several policy opinions on comprehensively accelerating scientific and technological innovation and promoting high-quality development of industrial economy"

with the Municipal Leading Group for the implementation of standardization strategy as the team, Wenzhou set up a special action office to coordinate the work elements and effective resources of all aspects and levels, improve the coordination and promotion mechanism of benchmarking and standards, and form an integrated working mechanism of "government guidance, department coordination, enterprise subject and social governance"

through the implementation of the reward and subsidy policy, all parts of the city will include benchmarking and reaching the standard in the technological innovation awards, and give priority to enterprise financing and technological transformation. Through the opening of the financial incentive "preferential enterprise through train", those who formulate international standards, national standards and "made in Zhejiang" standards will be rewarded with 1million yuan, 500000 yuan and 300000 yuan respectively. From 2018 to 2019, Wenzhou has cashed in more than 58million yuan of bonus and subsidy funds

special action to build multi-level platform service support

in the promotion of the special action, various public service platforms built by Wenzhou Market Supervision Bureau in conjunction with relevant departments, industry associations and social organizations have played an important role

the municipal level has opened a 24-hour consulting service platform to solve doubts for enterprises around the clock through special lines and service groups for benchmarking and compliance

relying on Wenzhou standard Museum and standardization innovation service platform, we collect international standards extensively, provide enterprises with services such as standard inquiry and standard development, collect more than 1300 international standards and foreign advanced standards, and compile 38 industrial, agricultural and service industry standard systems

play the role of 24 national, provincial and municipal standardization professional committees and 5 national and 14 provincial quality inspection centers in Wenzhou, strengthen the technical support platform, provide services such as standard consultation, quality technology and inspection, and select a total of 62 enterprises and 42 industries for benchmarking analysis reports

mobilize 102 industry associations to build a co governance platform, cooperate with leading enterprises to jointly analyze product performance and develop advanced standard technical solutions. Yongjia County gave full play to the role of Zhejiang pump and valve industry association, held the national valve technology innovation forum and standard working conference, and invited more than 300 experts to gather in Yongjia to jointly seek the high-quality development strategy of valve standards, prepare and issue the benchmarking technical scheme for the industry without escape instigation, and promote the benchmarking work

grasp the key, grasp the key, grasp the leader, grasp the main body

in the special action, Wenzhou has formed a "two two two" working method according to the general idea of "pilot in the first year, roll out in the second year, and improve in the third year" - that is, grasp two key entry points, and give play to the two roles of enterprises

the two entry points refer to selecting products with mature industries and good technical conditions as pilot projects, and selecting the key indicators of bulk products in Wenzhou's pillar industries as the focus of benchmarking

Wenzhou first selected the "auto parts air filter" product to start the pilot of benchmarking and reaching the standard. By studying international standards and foreign advanced standards, it organized standard comparison, promoted quality research and achieved quality improvement. After the success of the pilot, immediately select 2-3 leading enterprises in five traditional industries, including low-voltage electrical appliances, auto parts, leather shoes, valves, glasses, etc., and select their bulk products and key indicators as the focus of benchmarking. For example, in the valve industry, four types of products with the largest output and sales volume in the petrochemical industry are mainly selected. Compared with international standards (ISO) and American Petroleum Institute (API) and other foreign advanced standards, benchmarking is carried out on three key indicators such as shell test, seal, wall thickness and one to two characteristic indicators. Yongjia Bertelli valve company has invested more than 80 million yuan in intelligent transformation after benchmarking to improve the sealing performance of gate valves, globe valves and other key products Safety performance and other key indicators, the growth rate of output value has remained above 25% in the past three years

the two roles of enterprises refer to the demonstration and driving role of leading enterprises and the main role of enterprises respectively. First, the leading enterprises in 10 key pillar industries such as low-voltage electrical appliances, valves, glasses and so on will be taken as the first batch of key targets for benchmarking and reaching the standard, extending from point to agriculture and service industry until it is rolled out in the city, setting off a boom in benchmarking and reaching the standard. The special action also promotes enterprises to integrate standardization into the whole process, all-round and all-round coverage of enterprise production and operation, advocates enterprises to set up "chief Standards Officer (CSO)", establish a standard special class team, implement special class operation, and take benchmarking and compliance as the carrier to solve standardization problems such as technology research, process improvement, database construction, etc., so as to implement "whole process performance tracking and evaluation", and ensure that human, financial, material and technology are fully in place

continuous growth in benchmarking and reaching the standard

the implementation of the special action of benchmarking and reaching the standard has made high standards and advanced standards a hot word of concern from all walks of life in Wenzhou. "Benchmarking and reaching the standard is the eternal theme of technological progress" has become a general consensus among Wenzhou enterprises. The relationship between enterprises and the technical committee of standards has become increasingly close, and Yongjia County has become the fixed meeting site of the full Standard Committee of valves; Ruian successfully held the 10th International Symposium on electric vehicle standards and regulations

the awareness of Wenzhou enterprises to keep up with international standards has been continuously strengthened. Chint Group is in a leading position at home and abroad by benchmarking North American UL standards and improving relevant products and passing UL certification. As a leading enterprise specializing in the production of auto and motorcycle parts, Ruili group focuses on the trends of international standards, improves the standard system, and formulates a series of standards. It has become an innovative leading enterprise in Zhejiang Province in 2019, ranking first in the domestic commercial vehicle air braking system industry and third in the world

the standard advantage formed by benchmarking and reaching the standard has greatly increased the competitive advantage and added value of Wenzhou's characteristic products, and led to the rise of a number of characteristic towns, massive economic entities and advantageous industrial clusters. Ouhai glasses industry started with dissecting the frame, analyzing the quality indicators of physical products, developed a number of advanced standards at the international level, achieved a qualitative leap, and formed a complete industrial chain integrating R & D, design, production and sales. Its products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Brazil and other more than 100 countries and regions, and its foreign trade exports have maintained a high positive growth rate of more than 10% for five consecutive years, Three national gold business cards including "China glasses production base" were obtained

the special action of benchmarking and reaching the standard has activated the "standardization +" effect in many fields in Wenzhou, making the standardization work further integrated into all aspects of economic and social development. Ouhai District grass-roots government affairs standardization national pilot to provide samples for the formulation of government public service standards; Wenzhou's work experience in the standardization of organ affairs management has been promoted by the State Administration of organ affairs; Longgang national new urbanization standardization pilot project has explored a new way for the construction of urban governance standard system; Wenzhou local standards "operating procedures for the election of villagers' committees" and "specifications for the construction and service of people's gyms" fill the domestic gap

Ouhai: "Ouhai glasses" has become a synonym for the industry standard

Ouhai is one of the four main urban areas of Wenzhou. Glasses are the traditional pillar industry of Ouhai. There are 101 glasses enterprises above the designated size in the region. In 2019, the output value of Ouhai glasses industry cluster exceeded 14.5 billion yuan, accounting for 70% of the output value of Zhejiang glasses industry cluster. Ouhai is the main supplier of the world's "top ten glasses brands", and its products are exported to the European Union, South America The United States, etc. 1 until the sample destroyed more than 00 countries

through "benchmarking and reaching the standard", the quality qualification rate of Ouhai glasses products has reached 100%, and the standard acquisition rate of Enterprises above the designated size has reached more than 95%. Ouhai glasses industry has formed a strong atmosphere of "learning to catch up with and surpass" in terms of production standards, which has promoted the continuous rise of product quality and the increasing improvement of industry standards. When cooperating with world-class brands, the product standards adopted are higher than national standards and even leading international standards, which can meet the requirements of international top brand customers

Lucheng: "small class" precise teaching helps enterprises meet the standards by benchmarking

Lucheng District is the central urban area of Wenzhou, with a total of 183 enterprises in the district. 206 compliance results were released in the "special action for improving standards by benchmarking", and 109 third-party certificates were provided


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