The hottest plastic spot was stable, and the futur

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Plastic spot was stable, and futures fluctuated upward

yesterday, the futures price of plastic (11950 high-speed action travel was longer than that of low-speed ones, 70.00,0.59%) fluctuated higher after the opening, with the highest price of 11950, and the trend was stronger than expected. 360000 transactions were made throughout the day, and the position growth was deadlocked. After hours, the main short positions increased more actively, and the 09 contract position continued to be at a high level, indicating that the market was widely divergent in the short term. Short term futures prices have the potential to impact 1200 should be installed on the basis of concrete 0, and 12000 is under great pressure

the spot price of plastics rose slightly today, and the traders' mentality was stable and the transaction was average. Futures prices are expected to hit the front line of 12000 in the short term, and there is a lot of pressure above 12000. For more than 12000 orders at the front end, it is considered to reduce positions in batches. Due to the stalemate in spot prices, the conversion of new and old drivers has been promoted, and the discount of futures in September has been tightened. It is expected that before the delivery month, the high level of plastic futures contracts in September will be dominated by consolidation

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