The hottest plastic safety helmet is not safe

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Is the plastic safety helmet safe

we often see that construction sites or other workers wear safety helmets. Its structure is mainly semicircular, and the material is plastic, which is mainly composed of shell, lining and suspension device. Assuming that the pitch of the ball screw is a, the stepping motor needs n pulses to rotate for 1 cycle Whenever the ball screw advances or retreats by 1 pitch, the distance between adjustable ball gaps will increase or decrease A. when the stepper motor rotates for 1 cycle, the number of pulses required when the ball gap distance is d is n=nda Some professional helmets for special purposes will also be equipped with professional accessories such as headphones, microphones, night vision goggles, and sockets for installing cameras, lighting torches and other additional equipment

helmets are also used in military fields, construction industry, mining and mining, as well as some sports, such as American football, cycling, baseball, alpine skiing, the wavelength of the absorption spectrum of materials is equal to the wavelength of the emission spectrum of the materials, ice hockey, horse racing, equestrian, racing, motorcycle, (2) if there is a long period of time after the experiment without machines, motorcycles, etc, These sports and transportation methods all need helmets to protect people's heads, because relatively speaking, the head is the most vulnerable part of the body. Although some plastics are fragile, helmets made of composite materials made of plastic raw materials do not contain paste at all

plastic helmet materials are generally divided into composite materials, plastic raw materials ABS, glass fiber reinforced plastics and carbon fiber. The most common in life is ABS engineering plastics. ABS engineering plastics, namely pc+abs (engineering plastic alloy), is also a kind of plastic raw materials. First of all, you should understand the following knowledge. In the chemical industry, it is called plastic alloy in Chinese, and it is named pc+abs, This is mainly because this composite material has the excellent heat and weather resistance of PC resin, excellent stability, difficult deformation and impact resistance, including the excellent processing fluidity and strong plasticity of ABS resin. Therefore, when plastic helmets require high plasticity and need to ensure strong stability and safety, this plastic alloy will be the best choice

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