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Hotel closed-circuit monitoring and alarm system

due to the nature of work, hotels and guesthouses mainly provide guests with accommodation, catering, entertainment, leisure and other businesses. There are many people going in and out, and foreign guests account for the vast majority. Criminals just use this environment to sneak into hotels and guesthouses to wait for opportunities to commit crimes, which directly affects the personal safety and property safety of guests, and directly affects the reputation of hotels and guesthouses. The establishment of a security system combining monitoring, alarm and communication is an effective means of security; At the same time, the installation of fire alarm system can avoid the occurrence of major fire accidents

The central control room of the system is located on the ground floor and is mainly composed of control equipment, recording equipment and display equipment. The control equipment is mainly composed of the main system controller and matrix switching system

During the operation of the system, all alarms are connected to the alarm input interface of the camera controller or alarm controller. In case of alarm triggering, they can be transmitted to the control host through the communication bus, and the control host will handle the alarm affairs: image switching, starting video recording, sending out alarm numbers, recording the alarm time, etc. The number of alarm points will be prompted on the screen, and the video signal will be transmitted to the matrix switch to display the screen on the monitor. The multi picture image processor can not only display the current scene picture with maximum capacity, but also record the full video signal of all important pictures at the same time with a video recorder, ensuring that the future event processing is well documented. The camera in the elevator is connected with the elevator floor display superimposer, which can display the operation of the elevator in the screen of the monitor and clearly know the whereabouts of all people entering the building. The recording equipment consists of a 24-hour long-time video recorder and a 16 picture digital image processor. In the recording equipment, the 16 picture video group mainly includes access roads, elevators and other important parts; The video recorder can be connected to the main switching channel, and the required picture and alarm start picture can be recorded at any time according to the needs of the operator

1. The central control room is equipped with a group of main consoles and a monitoring screen. The console is composed of a main control keyboard, a color monitor, a multi picture digital image processor and a special long-time delay video recorder. The main monitor is mainly used to view the images of all monitoring points on the monitoring screen; The main keyboard controls the change of switching time, number of channels and selection of each channel of the video matrix switcher. The main keyboard control signal adopts the bus system, and can be connected to multiple sub controls in parallel, and realize the operation of the system at the same time. All these functions are realized by using advanced computer network communication technology, which is very reliable and convenient

2. A TV wall screen is set in the central control room for the display part. The display of the whole TV wall screen monitor corresponds to the following contents:

a. the main monitor No. 1

displays the images of all monitoring points, especially the camera images of some key prevention areas, through the video output channel switching of the video matrix switcher, for observation. When problems are found, the long-time delay video recorder on the console can be used for real-time recording

b. monitors 2 to 16

display the image of the camera by segment switching through the video output of the video matrix switcher

c.14 connect the output of the video processor with the cylindrical surface of the sixteen drawing stage, and display sixteen pictures on the screen at the same time

3. Video switching matrix

the whole system design considers the needs of future system expansion. The capacity of the system is designed as 64 video inputs and 16 outputs, which can be expanded to 96 inputs and 24 outputs at most. All camera points have Chinese characters or character superimposed display

4. Power supply part


the power supply of all monitoring parts is taken from the regulated power supply of the monitoring room

5, system management software

a, camera parameters: camera number, decoder controller model, character superposition

b, monitor: camera, monitor number, startup status

c, control keyboard: camera, monitor

d, video switching: switching sequences, each sequence can have up to 96 cameras, cameras are arranged arbitrarily, and the switching time is set arbitrarily

e, alarm processing capacity this seat has better cushioning performance in gravity test: screen operation prompt, alarm input mode: normally open/normally closed

f, system setting: adapt to multiple different operating procedures and setting types

6, 16 picture digital image processor

a, 16 picture digital image processor has time correction function and excellent picture synchronization characteristics

b. Program the image display on the monitor so that the monitor can display the image of a TV monitoring point at a fixed point when necessary

c, the system screen menu programming is simple, and the panel control keys are easy to operate

d, full duplex operation, monitoring on-site recording or playback of images can be carried out simultaneously and synchronously

e. all image displays can be recorded/played by on-site image recording/playing and tape image recording/playing respectively

f, the patented dynamic time division (DTD) multiplexing technology can dynamically allocate different recording time for each camera according to the automatic detection results of image activity

g. Each camera inputs the movement of programmable tracking image, and the range of moving target can be pressed 16h × 12V format programming

h, compatible with standard S-VHS video recorders, high-quality recorded and replayed images can be obtained

i. use the field blanking period signal technology (VIS) to encode the signal and eliminate the image deterioration caused by the video recorder

j. The captured image can be displayed in any window specified by the user in all display cells

k, the screen display includes time, date, and video signal weakness indication

l, the program memory of 16 picture digital image processor can save all programming in case of power failure

m, on-site monitoring and video tape playback images available formats: full screen, picture in picture, 2 × 2、 3 × 3 and 4 × 4. Double mobile zoom is available for restore playback and full screen display

n. Using multi picture technology and multi picture simultaneous video technology to increase the display and storage information of security, the security work is more reliable and effective

system function. The system designed according to the above overall scheme is an ideal and economical scheme. The specific main functions are as follows:

A. program each monitor on the TV wall, and select the switching time and monitoring. When necessary, any monitor can display the image of a certain TV monitoring point at a fixed point

b. The host can have password entry function, and only the personnel who master the password can start the whole system. This effectively prevents other personnel from illegally using the system. System sub control

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