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A plastic revolution has brought tens of billions of industrial output value

People's demand for plastic products always exists in life, from plastic bags for shopping in supermarkets to precision industrial parts, plastic products are almost everywhere. According to incomplete statistics, the global market demand for plastic products is estimated to be about 200 million tons, and is increasing at a rate of 5% every year

meanwhile, Plastic is pasted The problem of high energy consumption and high pollution brought about by the "electric tiger" label is becoming more and more serious with the expansion of production scale. Plastic processing technology has also been questioned by many. However, no one thought that European and American countries, which are in the leading position of plastic technology, have long held a technological monopoly. I didn't expect to use the new scheme in the automotive industry: an expert from China is causing the reform of global plastic processing machinery enterprises New "storm". He is qujinping, the head of the Key Laboratory of polymer molding and processing engineering of the Ministry of education at South China University of technology

"screw machinery marked by screws has been widely used in plastic molding and processing at home and abroad for one or two hundred years. However, it also gives many manufacturers a headache because of its high energy consumption and difficult degradation." At this time, Qu Jinping plans to find a way to realize screw free plasticization of plastics and reduce environmental pollution. Less than 40 years old, he became the vice president of South China University of technology. In order to realize his dream, he was indifferent to fame and wealth, hid low-key in the school laboratory for research, and used the 100000 US dollars he had won as research and development funds to solve the headache of the "three high" problem of plastic

there is also a coincidence in the boring road of scientific research. Qu Jinping actually got inspiration from Chaoshan beef balls. "Isn't the reason why Chaoshan beef balls are tough and chewy because the beef is made without destroying the internal fiber structure?" He immediately decided that the screw must be removed from the plastic processing. Soon after, a new type of equipment "plasticizing and conveying method of polymer materials based on tensile rheology" broke the traditional shear rheology

it is reported that when it rotates in a specific geometric space, it transports animal materials, and at the same time, it bears the effect of tension and compression in the process of periodic changes from small to large and then from large to small with the cross-sectional area of the flow channel, so as to get rid of the process of strong shear effect on materials during the plasticization process of screw transportation, thereby breaking their macromolecular chains. In this way, it not only speeds up the plasticization efficiency of material transportation, It also avoids the change of macromolecular structure of materials, which greatly improves the production efficiency and the production quality of plastic products

"according to the actual production statistics of enterprises in Dongguan, Shantou, Wuhan, Shenzhen and other places, our material consumption has been greatly reduced, energy consumption has decreased by about 30%-50%, and pollution has naturally been greatly reduced." Qu Jinping told that at present, after industry appraisal, it has been officially named "plasticizing and extrusion equipment for polymer materials based on tensile rheology", which has reached the international leading level and obtained Chinese patents

at the same time, the reshuffle war in the plastic industry has begun quietly. As early as last autumn, when participating in the international exhibition of rubber and plastic products, countries such as Germany, Italy, Japan and large domestic companies engaged in the production of plastic equipment presented olive branches to Qu Jinping. At this time, Qu Jinping is quietly triggering a revolution in the plastic industry in which this kind of plastic granulator equipment causes serious environmental pollution

according to statistics, the current worldwide production and sales of plastic processing machinery is 19.6 billion euros, and the production and sales of plastic processing machinery in China is 20billion yuan. If Professor Qu's products achieve a 10% market share in China, they can create an output value of more than 2.2 billion yuan. If we want to replace more than 10% of vulnerable parts 2: boards and cards abroad, we can create an output value of more than 10billion yuan, and the prospect is immeasurable

recently, Professor Qu Jinping, who is nicknamed "on the screw rod" by academic colleagues, began the research work of the next major topic. Facing the increasingly serious problems of plastic pollution and oil depletion, foreign countries have raised bioenergy to a new strategic height, and are vigorously increasing investment in advanced biofuels such as cellulose ethanol, with rapid technological progress. However, China's understanding of bioenergy is still unclear and insufficient attention has been paid to it. If it goes on like this, China will definitely lose in this global scientific and technological breakthrough. An academician once called for: "we should clarify the strategic role of bioenergy in 'agriculture, rural areas and farmers' and energy issues as soon as possible, and put bioenergy in an appropriate position objectively, scientifically and realistically."

Professor Qu also has his own plan. He plans to use the waste Chinese medicine residue, bagasse and straw, which are called waste biomass, to add them to the plastic particles originally refined from oil as the materials for plastic production, so as to reduce the use of oil and speed up the degradation of waste plastics. While finding a reasonable mixing ratio of waste biomass and plastic particles without reducing the performance of plastic products has become a key problem for Professor Qu. "If this goal is achieved, the industry will be bigger!" Professor Qu said with a smile

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