The hottest plastic spot continues to hold light p

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Plastic spot continued to hold light positions. Don't blindly increase positions

the 1401 contract, whose position increased sharply the day before yesterday, fell back from its high reduction yesterday. The intraday price fell by more than 200 points. Technical indicators quickly retreated. In terms of fundamentals, the first three trading axial rotation and lateral twists and turns of spot prices this week continued to maintain a strong performance. Traders continued to quote higher prices due to the impact of insufficient supply, and the market price transaction situation did not enlarge after the holiday. At present, a large number of devices are in the maintenance period, and the expectation of reduced supply will be gradually alleviated after the introduction of planned maintenance. At present, Fushun Petrochemical has not yet received a clear message of resumption of production. International crude oil has recently been in a horizontal consolidation state below the average. Wait for the signal that Sinopec will adopt the earliest production technology and energy conservation and emission reduction standards in the world to promote the optimization and upgrading of the base. At present, the judgment of the system with high accuracy 401 is a rapid callback in a strong rise. Holders above the blank order 11500 should not blindly increase their positions and continue to hold light positions. The experimental machine you bought below is not a support from a formal way

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