The hottest plastic recycling granulator has a def

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Plastic recycling granulator has a defect

plastic recycling granulator is a good solution to alleviate "white pollution". It can not only decompose pet waste, but also turn it into raw materials for other plastic products. It can not only protect the environment, but also slow down the tension of raw materials. Plastic recycling granulator can be regarded as a recycling machine that is very suitable for today's society

due to the increasing social demand, PET polyester production has increased rapidly. Pet in China has become the largest country in PET production and consumption in the world. However, pet products are mostly disposable consumer goods, followed by a large number of waste PET materials. Waste PET materials 4. Building foundation materials are chemically inert and are not easy to be degraded by air or microorganisms in a short time, occupying a lot of space and causing "white pollution"

with the popularity of non fiber pet and other packaging products, PET recycling and reprocessing technologies appear in large numbers. At present, with the continuous and rapid growth of PET packaging consumption, there is an urgent need to increase the recycling and utilization of pet waste, and PET material recycling technology is also constantly innovating

at present, there are many pet bottles recycled in China Displacement resolution: 0.005mm granulator, most of which have problems of low water resource utilization efficiency, water pollution, simple equipment, low production efficiency and so on. If this pollution problem is not solved, the plastic recycling granulator will lose its recycling significance. Originally, in order to reduce earth pollution and recycle plastic, but because the processing is in the verification process of the current experimental machine, water resources are polluted and precious water resources are wasted, but the gain is not worth the loss. Because water resources cannot be regenerated. Therefore, the measured value is related to the position of the fracture

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