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Long term use of plastic tableware containing BPA is likely to increase the risk of female abortion

according to the Russian newspaper newspaper on October 16, American scientists published a research conclusion at the annual meeting of the American Society of reproductive medicine (ASRM), saying that plastic tableware contains toxic substances, and long-term use will increase the risk of female sexual abortion

researchers found that the content of bisphenol A in plastic tableware is high. If the content of bisphenol A in women's blood is high, it will increase the risk of spontaneous abortion. Researchers targeted nearly 100 women with abortion records for high-precision; The latter comes to this conclusion after doing research while promoting brand image cheaply

it is understood that bisphenol A is also known as BPA. In industry, bisphenol A is used to synthesize polycarbonate, epoxy resin and other materials. Since the 1960s, it has been used to make plastic (milk) bottles, suction cups for children, and inner coatings of food and beverage (milk powder) cans. Research shows that BPA can lead to endocrine disorders and threaten the health of fetuses and children. At the same time, obesity caused by cancer and metabolic disorders is also considered to be related to this. The European Union believes that bottles containing bisphenol A will lead to precocious puberty, and has banned the production of baby bottles containing bisphenol A since March 2, 2011

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