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Plastic steel doors and windows have become a new favorite in the home decoration market in Hainan. Since they were put into the Hainan market, plastic steel doors and windows have been favored by the people because of their good heat preservation and sound insulation performance, good heat insulation, aging resistance, non-corrosion and other characteristics. Although the cost is slightly higher than that of aluminum alloy window, its styles are flexible and diverse, meeting the needs of users to a certain extent. At present, there are more than 20 enterprises producing plastic steel doors and windows in Hainan Province, most of which are small workshops with production scale and have not formed an industrial chain. The utilization rate of plastic steel doors and windows in the province is less than 1%, far lower than the national average utilization rate of 10%, and most door and window enterprises are too concentrated in Haikou, the provincial capital. However, industry insiders believe that cities, towns and villages are the three major markets of plastic steel doors and windows, and we should reasonably establish our own sales network according to the geographical location, so as to make the sales structure of the whole industry more reasonable

relevant people proposed that the development prospect of plastic steel doors and windows in Hainan is promising, but the industry standards should be strictly standardized. If this kind of innovative fiber reinforced composite semi-finished products are produced in bond laminates, a subsidiary of Langsheng group, they will rush into mass production if they see it profitable. The functional departments of the government should formulate local standards as soon as possible, and guide the development of enterprises in strict accordance with the relevant national standards in terms of technology development, quality supervision standardization, management system, etc

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