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Plastic starch biodegradable materials

plastic starch biodegradable materials (PSM) series products, starch combs, toothbrushes and other disposable hotel supplies developed and manufactured by Wuhan Huali technology company were popular with merchants at the Beijing "green materials and Green Olympics" International Exhibition held in mid June, and the samples were sold out as described above. PSM environmental protection products won the gold award of China international environmental protection products exhibition

psm is the direct chemical reaction and physical modification of corn and other plant starch to become a plastic and degradable material

combs processed with PSM have the same appearance as plastic combs. They are soft to use, have no static electricity, do not hurt hair, and have no black smoke, odor, and black system when burned. 1. The results of management experiments and experimental reports show that the color melts and drops, and the products can be naturally degraded after being discarded. Since it doesn't pollute the ring, then let's get to know what matters should be paid attention to when using the cement pressure testing machine and what its characteristics are? Environment, and a large number of agricultural products can be used. In addition to processing primary hotel supplies such as combs and toothbrushes, PSM materials can also be used to make disposable food packaging bags, drinking utensils, toys, foam damping materials, etc

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