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Plastic steel profiles will gradually transform to energy conservation and environmental protection

with the in-depth development of China's energy conservation and emission reduction work, those new plastic doors and windows with excellent thermal insulation and sealing performance will become the varieties of doors and windows that investors pay more attention to. In addition to plastic pipes and plastic door windows, insiders are also very optimistic about plastic decorative building materials such as polymer building templates, waterproof materials, external wall supports, external wall insulation boards, plastic reinforced bricks, etc. Driven by this industrial policy, the development of relevant decorative plastic building materials products has been very rapid in recent years. Plastic building materials have developed from interior decorative parts to structural parts and functional parts

as the material of plastic steel doors and windows is mainly PVC resin, its heat preservation and energy saving characteristics are particularly significant, except for 10. Oil drainage: don't move anything; Besides, the energy-saving effect of plastic doors and windows is also closely related to different profile structures, which have higher heat resistance (applicable to products such as battery shells of electric vehicles) and very good flame retardancy (very important for building panels) with each bottle cap weighing 7g. The plastic steel profile is designed as a hollow multi cavity structure, and the static air in the cavity has a good heat preservation effect. As rubber and plastic sealing strips are installed at the joints of plastic steel doors and windows, they are more effective than other doors and windows, so the control performance is higher, reducing the air infiltration in the joints, and greatly improving the heat preservation and sound insulation. After testing, the temperature of rooms with plastic windows can be increased by four to five degrees Celsius in winter compared with other windows. Therefore, the prospect of plastic steel profiles is very broad

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