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Plastic straw "time is coming" is the Beijing restaurant ready

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according to the Beijing plastic pollution control action plan (2020-2025) (hereinafter referred to as "10 plastic restrictions") officially issued and implemented recently, the use of non degradable disposable plastic straws will be banned in the catering industry in the city by the end of 2020. With the "deadline" of plastic straw, is Beijing's catering industry ready

a recent visit found that at present, some coffee shops and milk tea shops have replaced plastic straws with paper straws or degradable straws, but many restaurants still use traditional plastic straws. With the implementation of the plastic restriction order, consumers gradually have the awareness of actively reducing the use of plastic straws

several chain restaurants canceled plastic straws

at two o'clock yesterday afternoon, the Xicha store located in the Changying Tianjie shopping center was full of customers. The store set up a tableware table in a prominent position in the seating area and placed two kinds of straws, which consumers can take by themselves. According to the prompt words on the outer package of straw, one is environmental protection paper straw, which is written "100% degradable, and the strength is easy to decline after long-time immersion", the other is degradable environmental protection straw, which is written on the package "choose PLA material that gives consideration to environmental protection and experience, which is derived from plant resources and biodegradable"

tear open the outer package of the straw and see that the paper straw is brown and the degradable environmental straw is white, which has a different appearance and texture from the ordinary plastic straw. Xi Cha said that stores across the country will switch to straw, spoon and fork made of degradable and environmentally friendly materials before the end of the year, and the old plastic straw, spoon and fork will be removed from the shelves at that time

however, some catering stores have not eliminated plastic straws. In Lele tea store in Changying Tianjie shopping center, only conventional plastic straws were provided yesterday afternoon. Guding phase change material is a class 1 material that can effectively solve the leakage problem of solid-liquid phase change material in the process of phase change. After customers buy milk tea on site, they use plastic straws. After workers pack takeaway bags, they will also place plastic straws in the bags. When inquiring whether there is a paper straw, the clerk said, "the paper straw has been out of stock, and now there is only a plastic straw."

in the McDonald's store on Wangfujing Street, after buying drinks, the staff did not take the initiative to provide straw. When they took the initiative to ask for straw, the clerk took out a plastic straw from the bar. "It's easy to scald your mouth with a straw for hot drinks. We suggest you drink directly without a straw." The staff said. In the nearby KFC store, a straw box is placed in the corner of the ordering table, and consumers can take it by themselves. The staff said that the plastic straw is currently provided

although plastic straws have not been eliminated, McDonald's and KFC have begun to promote cup caps with their own drinking nozzles on a large scale this year to encourage consumers to reduce the use rate of straws. For beverages and foods containing solids, such as pearl milk tea and maxuanku, straws are still equipped for tension machine consumers with 3-wire power plugs. In Starbucks, Pacific Coffee, McDonald's, KFC and other restaurants, because most people order hot drinks in winter, not many customers use straw

the catering giant stopped using plastic straws to reduce plastic by hundreds of tons

it was learned from Starbucks that Starbucks China has stopped providing plastic straws in stores in some cities on a pilot basis since April 2019, and replaced them with straight cup caps and paper straws. By the end of 2019, Starbucks China stores have completed the comprehensive replacement of plastic straws. According to the relevant person in charge of Starbucks, this alone can reduce the use of plastic by about 200 tons per year

according to the person in charge of Burger King, Burger King consumes more than 258million plastic straws, more than 31million forks and spoons, and more than 152million plastic bags every year. In addition to degradable plastic straws, Burger King will continue to replace spoons made of sugarcane pulp, "plastic bags" made of corn starch. Chinese plastic extruder enterprises have seen a sharp rise in orders and paper delivery boxes. After all the replacement, hundreds of tons of plastic will be reduced every year

although the saving effect is considerable, the drinking experience of paper straw is not satisfactory. Some consumers roast and drink hot drinks with paper straws. The straws are soft before half of them are drunk; If you bite the straw carelessly, it is difficult to rebound like a plastic straw. For the feeling of using paper straws, Starbucks staff told that if you soak in hot drinks for a long time, the paper straws may be softened, which will also affect the experience of consumers. Therefore, at present, paper straws are not suitable for drinking hot drinks

in addition to paper straws, plastic straws made of degradable material PLA are also popular on the market. According to the relevant person in charge of Burger King, carbonated drinks with paper straw are easy to soften and taste bad. After repeated tests, PLA based biodegradable plastic straw was finally selected. "Although the cost is higher, the taste is much better than paper straw." The person in charge said

can you say goodbye to the ten billion plastic straw smoothly

according to the data previously released by the National Bureau of statistics, the cumulative output of plastic products nationwide in 2019 was 81.84 million tons, including nearly 30000 tons of plastic straws, about 46billion. In the view of insiders, it will take some time for such a large-scale market to complete the replacement. In addition, the cost of plastic straw substitutes for cleaning the workplace is also a major obstacle. It is learned that the price of an ordinary plastic straw on the market is about 0.03 to 0.05, and the cost of paper straw is 3 to 6 times higher than that of ordinary plastic straw

however, in the face of policy changes, many manufacturers have begun to actively layout, and the number of orders for degradable straw and paper straw is also increasing synchronously. According to the person in charge of the marketing department of a domestic enterprise specializing in the production of paper plastic packaging containers, the manufacturer is rapidly updating its production line. In recent months, more and more cooperative merchants have consulted the degradable packaging scheme. "More than half of the cooperative customers have been replaced with paper straws and degradable straws."

"if catering enterprises promote paper straws or direct drinking cup covers in a large area in the future, the market demand and factory production scale will become larger and larger, and the production cost of degradable straws and paper straws will be further reduced. This also requires the joint participation of more enterprises and the support of consumers." The person in charge of the above paper and plastic manufacturers said

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