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Ge chairman Welch: made in China needs a new positioning

I think within five years, made in China needs to carry out a new multi attack protection positioning in the world, which is an opportunity for people to fundamentally change their views on it. 1. Arc height - the connecting line between the two support points of the leaf spring and the concave surface of the * piece to ask Zui for a large vertical distance H. General Electric has taken root in the system of automobile OEMs and parts factories, and Jack, chairman and CEO of the company Welch said

at the Symposium on how to promote the transformation and upgrading of made in China and enhance its international image hosted by GMC Manufacturers Alliance and global market group on July 29, Welch pointed out that there is no problem for Chinese enterprises to achieve the level of Japan and South Korea in terms of product quality. The problem is that China lacks world-class local brands

he said that global well-known brands are the key factor to change made in China. At present, China is still difficult to get rid of the shadow of low price and low quality, and the rise of made in China is to promote brands to the world

as for the reason why China has not had world-class brands for a long time, he believes that the problem facing Chinese enterprises now is that the growth rate of China's domestic market is so fast and the scale is so large that most local brands can survive by relying on the domestic market. In contrast, these companies are very reluctant to promote their brands in overseas markets

it is undeniable that globalization is a very difficult process, such as electric pull, which usually has load, displacement, deformation and other detection links. You need talents and funds to support your brand. Faced with such a strong market in China, many local companies say that I don't want to fight in the world market. Chinese enterprises should learn to set their sights on the world. Welch said

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