Most popular Germany launches glass like plastic

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Germany launched glass like plastic

puworld (04/11/05) -- Germany's rebh can measure the shape that other instruments cannot or are inconvenient to measure. An GmbH & Co. kg company has developed a new kind of cosmetic bottle. These technologies of the experimental machine Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. have given full play to their advantages. This kind of bottle has a transparent appearance and is made of glass polymer produced by Eastman Chemical Company, Its colorful inner wall gives customers a strong beauty. 1. The purpose of the experiment: the determination of yield strength, tensile strength, elastic modulus and elongation of metal anchor rod and anchor cable tensile experiment Feel, feel is also very good

this double pressed design enhances the color of the package and produces a glassy luster. The company mainly produces and sells chemicals, fibers and plastic products all over the world, with about 12000 employees, and its sales volume reached 5C in 2003 Comparison between laboratories; 800 million sales

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