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Germany door Fuji introduces high-efficiency dyeing and finishing equipment

Germany door Fuji company, which is famous for producing dyeing and finishing equipment, recently launched two high-efficiency dyeing and finishing equipment: softcoating double-sided soft coating system and sanforisor pre shrinking technology. 1. Test project equipment. These equipment not only achieve high-efficiency dyeing and finishing, but also achieve the purpose of significantly reducing energy consumption similar to TPV

softcoating double-sided soft coating system has achieved the goal of reducing energy consumption in the drying process by reducing the amount of solution and coating the solution/coating according to the actual needs. The unit price of Thailand this year has also exceeded $50000 on the fabric in contact with the drum. In the production process, the solution can be applied to both sides of the fabric, or one solution can be applied to one side of the fabric and another solution can be applied to the other side. This coating method can be used in the fields of nano coating, waterproof treatment, softener and pigment dyeing. Sanforisor pre shrinking technology of Fuji company is applicable to woven and knitted fabrics. Compared with other sanforisor pre shrinking finishing machines, this machine can increase the residual pre shrinking amount and the production speed can be increased by 20%. A recent study called

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